ID and CLASS (fwd)

Once upon a time Volker Kroll shaped the electrons to say...
>its possibly up to me that I don't understand the difference between ID and
>CLASS. By now I think that ID is only for one occurence in a file and CLASS
>for more occurences. Is this correct, or do I misunderstand the spec.

ID - holds ONE and only one value.  And that value must be unique in the

CLASS - can hold a LIST of values, and these values can be repeated on 
other elements.

>BTW, if I specify ID more than one time in a HTML file with linked CSS it
>works as expected, every element gets the desired style, but my validator
>tells me:
>ID is already definded.

The browser is just being nice.  It is not a valid use.  And ID is actually
used more for other things, not style sheets.  Such as defining the
destination to a link, or naming an element to be manipulated by scripting.

Neither use is very tolerant to duplicate ID elements.  

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