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> No one is asking everyone to keep up with the latest technology.  Just 
> because HTML v4 came out doesn't mean we expect everyone to upgrade now. 
>  Likewise, when CSS is finalize, no one will be expecting the world to 
> change to the latest and greatest.  These standards (HTTP, HTML, CSS, ...) 
> are meant only to define how to deal with it, if and when it is available. 
>  That shouldn't deter us from just thinking about them.
> In fact, it should encourage us to think about them now, before UA 
> programmers start to hundreds of non-standard tags.  That's exactly the 
> reason CSS deals with audio cues, voice synthesis, and sound 
> spatialization.
> In addition, audio cues are meant specifically for pure audio renderings of 
> the content.  At least for now.

If you want to think that way, so far in advance, why not write about 
it in more detail?


James Green

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