CSS2 Progress

   I was just wondering this morning how the CSS2 draft specification is
progressing, both in terms of completeness and estimated time to
finalization.  I assume this is begin discussed in the Working Group, which
I'd join if I happened to have a spare $15,000 lying around, but, well, you
   I was going to send this via private email to the authors, but then
reasoned that other on the list would like to know as well.  So I ask:  How
far along are things, and what's the best guess as to when CSS2 will reach
either the next stage in the process, or be finalized?  Also, is there
anything in the draft specification which look slike it might get dropped,
or things which are under serious consideration for addition?  (In this
last case, I'm thinking of the various border properties which were added
to CSS1 at the "last minute.")
   I'm not looking for firm dates, or even plan to quote anyone.  I'd just
like a rough idea of what's going on, as in, "The aural properties are
getting an overhaul, everything else looks set, and we hope to go to
Proposed Recommendation just after the first of the year."  Or something
like that.
   Inquiring minds... you get the idea.

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Received on Friday, 21 November 1997 14:12:07 UTC