RE: 'fixed' positioning [WAS: Header, Footer, and Sidebars]

On Thursday, November 27, 1997 8:15 AM, Chris Lilley 
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> OK, it sounds like you are asking for computed values (100% - 35em, for
> example)

Well, that would be nice also, but it's not quite what I had in mind.

> OK, if you want to specify a size that just fits a single line of text
> then you are out of luck (there was a proposal to have font-size: auto
> which would deal with this, but it got hairy for multiple lines and 
> common cases).

This is closer, except I would like to see the box width fit the font, not 
the font fit the box, and then allow the adjacent box take the remaining 
space..  I can see how multiple lines would cause a problem, so maybe I 
really am asking too much.

As David Perrell noted, tables already do what I'm looking for.  If you put 
a block of text in a couple of table cells, the cells will divide up the 
remaining space.  I made yet another example of this:
Both IE4 and Communicator were able to demonstrate my intended results. 
 All I did was cut and paste the style block from my old example, cut and 
paste contents of each div into table cells, add cell id equivalent to my 
original example, and delete all position and size info from the style 
(actually, this was only needed for Navigator; IE immediately recognized 
the info as not relevant to the table cells).

The point of this example was to show tables automatically rendered the 
space with a sidebar thinner than the main cell.  I didn't have to 
explicitly declare any size to get the table to render decently.  Size was 
entirely based upon amount of content and competition for space.  I have no 
clue how this was done, but this is exactly what I would like to be able to 
specify via stylesheets.

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