RE: Header, Footer, and Sidebars

>MS appears to have implemented OBJECT as Yet Another Variation of FRAME.
>It presents the content as a web page in a box with scroll bars which
>cannot be eliminated by any method I have yet discovered and it ignores
>all the element attributes except HEIGHT and WIDTH.

True, it's not what I consider a proper "include." The page referenced by
OBJECT acts exactly as an IFRAME. You can see this by clicking in the
included area; the window title will reflect that of the included page. I'm
sure novice browsers will enjoy the confusion. The more serous consequence
is that the styles and user font resizing of the main page does not carry
over to the included page, making them useless.

OBJECT does degrade fairly well; in my table of contents example Lynx,
NN3.0 see only the link. But in IE3.x it gives security warnings on every
page that contains OBJECT of type scriptlet. Also, it acts as if the page
has not completed loading.

>With OBJECT there is simply no line to walk. 

It's unfortunate that we can't employ a feature such as inclusion of a
sub-document that Word users employ every day.


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Received on Thursday, 27 November 1997 21:53:38 UTC