Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars

It's not that you can't include the same style in the OBJECT as in the main
page. It's the behavior of the user interface with respect to the included
HTML that concerns me. When the user changes the font size from the tool
bar, the fonts change on the page, but not in the included area. I'd be
happy to let styles not inherit into OBJECT as long as the UI knows to
adjust both the page and the included page. Perhaps some way of specifying
this behavior could be developed.


At 04:22 AM 11/29/97 +0000, gordon wrote:
>That's not such a bad thing. It's easy enough to include the same style
>sheet, and just as easy for the included document to stand out with its own
>style. If one is authoring a multi-document, then they should be encouraged
>to use multi-care <g>.
>The percentage of users who will apply their own style sheet is likely to
>remain very low for some time to come.
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