RE: 'default.css' in CSS2 spec--BOOM!

Sounds like the ugly bug that existed in 4.0p1 for Macintosh where
"setting background properties for the body element via external
stylesheets may crash."  This has been fixed since the preview release
and should work correctly in the final release.  The crash did not occur
with all external style sheets that use BODY and a background property
(although those conditions had to exist) which may be why you haven't
seen the crash before.

Note that in 4.0p1 you can disable style sheets (Preferences: Web
Content) if they are causing a crash.  If you want to dig deeper and try
to find the bug, you can view the source and from there find the path
name for downloading any external style sheets, etc.

Eric, thank you for including the platform/version information in your
message.  It makes it easier for us to figure out bugs when we know
which platform/version is being used. :-)


Yvonne Throgmorton
Software Test Engineer
Internet Explorer for Macintosh

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	Subject:	'default.css' in CSS2 spec--BOOM!

	   I have a bit of a problem.  When trying to load "cover.html"
for the
	CSS2 Working Draft which was just released, my browser (MSIE
4.0pr1 for
	Macintosh) will start to load the external style sheet
"default.css" and
	then quit unexpectedly.  I had the same problem with the HTML
	cover.html, as it happens.
	   Now, I'm sure that this is the result of a browser bug, but
it IS
	keeping some of us from reading the specification.  Maybe
someone could
	investigate and hazard a guess as to why this might be
happening?  I'd do
	it myself, but well, I can't unless someone posts the contents
	'default.css' to the list and lets the rest of us work it
	   Thanks for any assistance.

	Eric A. Meyer  -  -
	 Hypermedia Systems Manager
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