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> I thought that CSS would provide an "easy" way to allow page
> formatting - but my experiments with CSS has shown larger differences
> in rendering between NN and MSIE than those awful HTML hacks we all
> know.

   In an ideal world, CSS would provide an "easy" way to specify style
attributes for elements.  Whether or not it should do the same for element
positioning and absolute control over page layout is largely a matter of
philosophical debate.
   Either way, yes, MSIE and NN are somewhat divergent in their support for

> Q: Do you have suggestions on good books, on-line texts, etc, on how
> to apply CSS? I need them badly.

   There is a fairly well-recommended tutorial at, although
I can't remember the direct URL, and c|net has some material as well.  Lie
and Bos published a book on CSS1 which is pretty darned good, as you might
expect.  There is also a book by Steve Mulder, who could tell you more about
it than I-- I haven't read it (sorry, Steve).
   When it comes to what works and what doesn't, you might want to visit the
Style Sheets Reference Guide (  This site contains some
charts which might help you in your experiments in CSS1. They're as accurate
as I've been able to make them, but they may not be utterly, canonically
correct.  If you find any errors, please let me know. 
   Finally, a great place to go for pointers to various resources is

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