RE: VALIGN Equivalent?

On Wednesday, November 26, 1997 2:20 PM, David Perrell 
[] wrote:
> Not in the CSS1 spec. There's a CSS2 proposal at
> <> that applies the
> vertical-align property to block-type elements. I've suggested a similar
> 'vertical-position' property for block element content.

Still this only aligns the box, not the contents within the box.

> Another possibility is to allow the 'auto' value for the padding 
> In your divframes page, for example, setting padding-top and 
> of #sidebar to 'auto' would vertically-center the content in the panel. 
> this is not a substitute for VALIGN.

I checked this, and there is no 'auto' value for <padding-width>.

If there was one that divided space between opposite paddings (top & 
bottom, right & left), then I would be happy enough.  Until then, I am 
still trying to vertically center content in a box.

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