Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars

David Perrell wrote (7:21 PM -0800 11/29/97):
" Todd Fahrner wrote:
" >What if includes could reference elements within HTML files by [unique
" element or assigned] name, class, or ID, and that only the referenced
" element(s) and children would render? The default could be the HTML element
" (in which case the referenced doc's stylesheet would apply), or
" alternatively the BODY (in which case the referencing document's stylesheet
" would apply), a DIV, a table, paragraph, etc.
" Seems reasonable. But doesn't the name "OBJECT" literally preclude its use
" as a client-side inclusion mechanism for a bunch of inline HTML fragments?
" It would have to be renamed "MISCSTUFF".

Why is an HTML document a more integral object than, say, a DIV, or ordered list, or other markup "fragment"? For a non-validating UA, what's the difference between a well-formed fragment and a document? 

Todd Fahrner

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