Re: CSS2 Progress

Lars Marius Garshol writes:
 > 2) Should markup be allowed in generated text?

No, there can be no markup in generated text, since the text is
generated after the HTML parser has finished.

Starting the parser again may even lead to infinite loops. E.g.


	whatever-syntax-for-prefix: "<EM>emph:</EM> "

New source:
	...<EM><EM>emph:</EM> text</EM>

Apply style to new text:
	...<EM><EM><EM>emph:</EM> emph:</EM> text</EM>

Apply style to new text again:
	...<EM><EM><EM><EM>emph:</EM> emph:</EM> emph:</EM> text</EM>

etc. ad infinitum.

There are also problems with validating the document against the DTD,
and, if you use XML, how to know which tags you can use.

Another problem is that a CSS application doesn't always have an HTML
or XML parser at hand. The style may be applied directly to some
abstract document tree, that has been acquired through a DOM
interface, for example, or through a Unix pipe:

    nsgmls doc.html | doc2ps -s style.css | lp

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