Re: Author styles vs. browser styles

Eric A. Meyer wrote, at 14:11 -0500 on 5.11.97:

>    ...Now, this does bring up an interesting point...  Browsers are
> supposed to have internal style sheets, so to speak, for the handling of
> tag display.  The author can obviously override these 'internal' styles.
> So let's assume that Nav4's internal style sheet contains the declaration
> 'DD {margin-left: 50px;}'.

It's 40 px, btw: (It's 20
px in Mac IE3 - an anomaly)

>It probably isn't set to that exact value, but
> work with me for a moment.  Given that assumption, which of the following
> author declarations should yield a left margin of 10px?
>    DD {margin-left: -40px;}
>    DD {margin-left: 10px;}

The latter.

> In other words, should author declarations relative to the internal
> or should they completely override them?

They override them, as author styles do to all non-!important user styles,
whether UA default or specially chosen.

Todd Fahrner

Received on Wednesday, 5 November 1997 14:46:43 UTC