CSS1 clarifications?

Eric A. Meyer writes:

 >    I'd heard from somewhere (this list?) that the CSS2 specification
 > contained some clarifications of the CSS1 spec.  Is this so?

Yes, we have identified some "issues" in CSS1 and will make sure these
are "clarified" in CSS2. Also, we plan to publish a separate errata
sheet for CSS1.

 > If so, could
 > the authors comment on which properties have the most significant
 > clarifications?

The most serious problem we've found is that a number of properties
declare that percentage values refer to the width of the parent
element. (E.g., see [1] for an example). This is only true if the
parent element is a block-level element. A better text would be to say
percentage values "refer to the youngest block-level ancestor".

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS1#padding

 > In my tests of and writings about CSS1, I often hit
 > ambiguities which I'm never quite sure how to resolve.

Please publish them on this list. Even if they don't quite qualify as
ambiguities in the eyes of the authors -- most reported problems don't
-- your reports will help use improve CSS2.



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