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At 07:00 PM 28/11/97 -0800, Andrew n marshall wrote:
>On Thursday, November 27, 1997 6:49 PM, Steve Knoblock 
>[] wrote:
>> The more serous consequence
>> is that the styles and user font resizing of the main page does not 
>> over to the included page, making them useless.
>The style sheet doesn't carry over?  Ouch!!
>This should be an explicit part of the HTML recommendation.

Currently the HTML 4.0 PR states that "an embedded document does not 
inherit style information from the main document." [1]  This is in line 
with HTML 4.0's use of OBJECT to include complete HTML documents rather 
than portions of HTML.

What happens if the author does not want styles inherited into an included 
HTML document?  If OBJECT allowed styles to inherit, there would be no way 
for an author to specify that the styles should not inherit.  For this 
reason, I think we should maintain the distinction between OBJECT and 
server-side includes.  OBJECT embeds completely independent documents 
while server-side includes embed portions of documents that are (mostly) 
dependent on their "parent" for determining the base URL and style.


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