Re: WD-positioning-19970819

I have an experimental page using OBJECT for inclusion with CSS positioning
at Inclusion
allows the page to be reliably bookmarked while providing a space-saving
method of including a table of contents. In addition, the included toc is
scrollable when there is not enough room to display the whole list.

[warning most links don't go anywhere]

The problem with OBJECT is it's not targetable. It would be novel to have
the search result possibly show up in the toc area. Can anyone tell me if I
will ever be able to use a declared object and "instantiate" it with a form
result? The HTML4.0 spec says you can achieve this from a link. Seems like
it would be possible and a useful alternative to frames and target.

BTW let me know if the page does not work cross-platform (Win95, IE4.0
here). Note that it appears Netscape does not support the overflow property
for scrolling an element that extends beyond it's height and width.

How is "fixed" different from "absolute?" Unless you meam it will
automatically invoke scrolling.



>Are you trying to implement frames functionality through CSS? If so, you
>may be interested in the proposed "position: fixed" feature in the
>CSS2 Working Draft [1]. E.g. to split the window in two parts (with a
>banner at the top) you could use:

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