Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars

Todd Fahrner wrote:
>I had been thinking that UA default stylesheets should ship by default with
>font-size on BODY weighted !important, and in a non-relative unit. Any UI
>(toolbar) element would just change this value. I don't see why there need
>to be any hypothetical or author-inaccessible elements. If users eliminated
>this line from their stylesheets, the UA would just write it back in. :^)

This is worse than having the default font-size on HTML. Since relative font
size is relative to the parent. even this:

 BODY { font-size: 1.1em ! important }

would be undefined, i.e. it would be impossible for an author to resize BODY
relative to the base font.

David Perrell

Received on Sunday, 30 November 1997 15:44:38 UTC