C++ Class Files for CSS / DOM?

Hi there,

I have a  C++ program which creates text and limited graphics in a window
using Microsoft Windows graphics (MFC Device Context calls) (CDC). There are
objects in the window such as Text, Line, and Rectangle.

I am working on a routine which will take these objects and write an
as-close-as-possible HTML/CSS representation of them to an HTML file using
CSS properties such as Postition, Color, Border etc. So far in testing it is
looking pretty good actually (only problem is non-horizontal/vertical

However, I am wondering if there is a C++ class file somewhere out there
that has all the CSS properties defined?

Then I could just load up an instance of the class with the translated
values from my Windows stuff, and traverse the data structure and
write out all the non-null CSS properties and values for each object.

 I can do this myself but if someone already did all the typing for that C++
Class definition of CSS that would be nice.

Thanks much in advance.

Charlie Byrne * Pompano Beach, FL * Mailto:CByrne@MediaOne.Net

Received on Thursday, 6 November 1997 12:03:12 UTC