RE: 'default.css' in CSS2 spec--FIXED!

>Sounds like the ugly bug that existed in 4.0p1 for Macintosh where
>"setting background properties for the body element via external
>stylesheets may crash."  This has been fixed since the preview release
>and should work correctly in the final release.  The crash did not occur
>with all external style sheets that use BODY and a background property
>(although those conditions had to exist) which may be why you haven't
>seen the crash before.

   Well, whaddya know.  Taking out the background rule for BODY and
removing the STYLE tags made the crashing behavior stop.  The style

     font-family: sans-serif;

set for the BODY tag still didn't happen, though.  Changing it to

     font-family: Helvetica,sans-serif;

got something like the intended result.  I immediately changed it back,
because I find sans-serif fonts really annoying to read at medium size, and
didn't feel like messing around with 'font-size'... especially since 4.0pr1
applies the size value to everything that doesn't have a size explicitly
defined, so all the headings come out the same size as paragraph text.
   Obviously, removing this property from the public version of the Working
Draft isn't really an acceptable solution.  I'll mention the problem on
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets, describe the workaround (which
I also used), and point out that the problem should go away when MSIE 4.0
goes final.  Assuming it hasn't been mentioned already, that is.
   Thanks to everyone who assisted in this one (especially Yvonne) and
apologies to those who didn't really care about the problem in the first
place but had to tolerate the messages anyway.

(P.S. Say, Yvonne, when WILL Explorer 4.0 final be released for the Mac?!?
      I'd bet others on this list would like to know as well...)

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Received on Tuesday, 4 November 1997 16:44:08 UTC