CSS2 Progress

Eric A. Meyer writes:

 > I was just wondering this morning how the CSS2 draft specification is
 > progressing, both in terms of completeness and estimated time to
 > finalization.

The CSS&FP working group (FP stands for Formatting Properties) met
last week and we resolved a number of issues. Participants were eager
to see the spec turing into a Proposed Recommendation sooner rather
than later. To gain speed, it's likely that some functionality will be
cut from CSS2 (multi-column text and headers/footers are cut
candidates). The pieces we cut are likely to end up in a separate note
pointing forward. To increase accessibility, generated text is a
candidate for addition.

Please keep the feedback on the CSS2 spec coming. Already, a number of
good remarks have been made and by sending yours you will help the
editors move forward.

Thanks for your support,


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Received on Friday, 21 November 1997 19:18:54 UTC