Re: a vote for rotation

Chris Lilley wrote at 25/11/97 9:47 pm

>Other comment on Space Cowboy's proposal is invited.

If I remember correctly the same suggestion was made here just a few 
weeks ago (maybe that was www-fonts), and I think universally the concept 
of 90 degree increments was acceptable.

Chris made a few points about some platforms not dealing with rotated 
text too well, this is probably true. However any that handles TrueType 
or PostScript should be able to do this with no problem, and dare I say 
it, if they don't handle those formats, erm... someone should sort them 

But some provision for an "alt" tag should be made, just as for browsers 
that can't (or won't) handle images.

-- Clive

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 1997 05:27:16 UTC