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2 MathML bugs

8.8.4 Bug: <A> within <DEL> does not strike-through link text

<script> gets deleted

[Announce] Amaya 9.5

[Announce] Amaya 9.5 re-published

[on list] Re: [ off list ] Using amaya to edit ...asp files

[www-amaya] <none>

A Thank You


Amaya 8.8.5 and forms

Amaya 8.8.5 is released !!!

Amaya 8.8.5 styling bugs

Amaya 8.8.51 bug in input control

Amaya 8.8.51 Bug: Inserting an image in <DD> does not always work.

Amaya 8.8.51 Bug: Inserting an image in a second DT/DD creates a new DL.

Amaya 8.8.51 wishlist

amaya 9.5 crash

Amaya 9.51 - startup error (running on win2000)

Amaya and CSS

amaya bug

amaya documentation on w3.org

Amaya doesn't work for ordinary users

Amaya not catching an invalid structure

Amaya pages on w3.org -- design quirk

amaya styling bugs

Amaya won't start in window xp

and another Amaya bug: symbols cannot be inside mi elements

Animation - bad help link, can't access function

asp directives

AU SECOUR: Amaya 8.8.5 eats spaces in <p> text

Background disappearence


Bug in New XHTML Document creation

Bug report never acknowledged

Bug-report: Impossible to enter some accented characters into amaya 9.51, WinXP

bug-reports amaya 8.51 and 9.51

Bug: Image width

Bug: Spacing is removed

Bugs: Selection management

cannot scroll to the bottom of the page when using absolute reference in <div> elements

Comment inserts white space


CSS support for position: fixed in 8.8.4?

Debian patches review

Degraded hardware OpenGL performance under Windows

Errer lunching AMAYA

Help Menu errors

How download

Installation problems

items re Amaya 8.8.51

Kiosk Mode

making mrow elements

Making the path absolute when passed to a running instance

mismatched tags ....

Mismatched Tags .....

missing file

More overlooked bug reports

More patches from Debian plus question

Multi-line comments not correctly parsed by Amaya

Multi-line comments not correctly parsed by Amaya (bis: forget it)

Possible Bug: creation of empty meta tag

preformatted text not handled properly

presentation of select control

Printing "Make book" generated doc to PDF

Problem compiling 9.51

Problem with Amaya 9.51 on Mac OS X

save dialog in 9.51

Saving back what one edited -- Re: [Announce] Amaya 9.5

Selecting to last-but-one character in element

Startup problem Amaya-9.51

textarea form control

unable to start Amaya 9.51 on Win2000

Using amaya to edit ...asp files

Using Makebook to generate Amaya User Manual

Using the style editor to alter a local style

Web editor useless in Poland...

What's the word on SSL support, and updating the .spec files?

yet another Amaya bug

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