Re: yet another Amaya bug

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 17:59, Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> Hello,
> I use the Amaya 9.51 Debian package from the Amaya website on Debian
> GNU/Linux 3.1 on an i386 PC.
> To reproduce the bug I've found, first open a new MathML document.  Press
> C-m C-p.  Then press the Cursor Right key twice.  The cursor is now behind
> the closing paranthesis.  The structure view reveals that it's still inside
> the mo element of the closing paranthesis.  Now press C-m C-e and enter
> bull. Instead of inserting a bullet, Amaya lets the closing paranthesis
> disappear. 

You're right there is a bug when a parenthesis is replaced by an entity.
If you press the Cursor Right key one times more, you can select a position 
after the parenthesis and  the insertion your bull operator would work.
I'll check this problem.

> In a similar situation, I also experienced the insertion of an 
> mo element inside the closing paranthesis' mo element after the paranthesis
> was deleted. It's now impossible to select parts of the document with the
> mouse or to jump through the document by using Control plus Cursor Right or
> Left.  If you do the same with a formula which is part of an XHTML document
> then this inability to move and select applies to the whole document.

Yes the problem concerns the replacement of a parenthesis by an entity.

> While I really appreciate your work on Amaya, I'd also appreciate if Amaya
> wouldn't contain such a plenty of bugs.  Why are bugs like the one I just
> described so frequent in Amaya?  Is this because of using a programming
> language which makes accidental illegal memory overwriting easy or is there
> a different reason?

Sorry if Amaya contains bugs. It's a large code (about 619,000 lines) with 
plenty possible different use cases.
Some use cases are not imagined and then not correctly supported.
Whatever the programming language used, all use cases must be programmed to 
make the software enough robust.

> Best wishes,
> Wolfgang

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