[on list] Re: [ off list ] Using amaya to edit ...asp files

Dave Woolley wrote:

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>>altered the asp code. From a HTML point of view, this asp code is 
>>comment, hence amaya should leave it as it is. Unfortunately, amaya 
>>reformats this 'comment' and hence the asp code gets mingled.
>ASP code is processing instructions, not comments.  However, I have 
>a feeling that it doesn't use completely valid processing instruction
>syntax.  PHP, on which ASP is modelled, does allow the use of the 
>full syntax, even though it also has an abbreviated format.  (It's 
>possibly true that this use of processing instructions, and the use to
>signal XML, are misuses.)
>Note that no syntax sensitive editor is going to be happy with ASP
>the ASP is valid HTML when all the processing instructions are deleted.
>(Strictly speaking, HTML doesn't have comments.  HTML comments are 
>directives with a null name <!    >  which contain directive comments
Well I have to say I might be abusing something left and right. The base 
is that some of our webpages are secured using asp in the header (or 
above, or below). My job on that level is to write documents so my 
inserts are html. For that part I'd like to use amaya for the purpose.

What I foud out is that Amaya reformats the code it does not understand: 
The asp code is inside a <%....%> directive. Amaya should ignore all 
bytes between the <%  and %>-s, however it does not, it concatenates the 
lines and then splits them on (about) 80 characters.

On the other hand, if Amaya is the html-purifying editor, it should 
remove those <%...%> code or otherwise complain about it.



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