Re: presentation of select control

I'm not quite sure what you're on about here. I tested this on my Mac
and got the following results:

Firefox: Windows style drop down (drop down element top always
attached to bottom of the box)
Opera: As with Firefox
Safari: Mac style drop down (drop down element appears so selected
item is over the box)
Mac IE: As with Safari
Mosaic: As with Safari
Amaya: Pop-up menu style (top left hand corner of drop down positioned
where you double click the box)

Am I missing something here? Which browsers display <select> as a list box?

On 5/11/06, <> wrote:
> Amaya uses a drop down box to display a select element.
> The vast majority of browsers (i cant think of one that does
> it in the Amaya manner) use a scrolled list box.
> Although the spec has been written in lawyer speak
> (read that as weasel words) by, it would make it
> easier for authors if Amaya implemented select as a scroll box.
> That way the display area occupied by the box would be
> similar to the look in other browsers, helping in the visual
> layout of other material arround it.
> Obviously the first criteria of Amaya is to author documents
> that conform to the recommendations of [excellant implementation]
> The next criteria is to offer all styling and attribute capabilities
> in an easy to understand and use way [well done but not perfect]
> But high up on the list should be to present a visual representation
> that is similar to that presented by most browsers.
> In this respect Amaya needs a few improvements ....
> Implementing the select element as a list box rather than a dropdown
> will improve the authoring system for those of us who use it to
> design web pages with form stuff.... --

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