Dear Sirs,
We have just started to use Amaya (Windows XP Pro - Service Pack 2) and
I have encountered some 'minor' difficulties with the program, and
thought that you might like to know...

1.	When you click on the Amaya button on the task bar, it will
maximise the window, but a similar click will not minimise it to the
task bar.

2.	When you change a meta tag, it appears to lose the CSS Style
sheet associated with the page; meaning that we have to 're-link' the
CSS style to the page.

3.	When the home page is set to look in a particular directory &
file, if you DO NOT change the directory the file simply loads as a
blank, rather than containing the blank template details that have been
saved in this file.

4.	When right clicking with the mouse keys on the file we wish to
open, then using open with... <select Amaya as the program to use>, the
file will open 'blank' even if there is text within the file.

5.	If you set html files to open with Amaya, and then double click
on the file.  Whilst Amaya opens, the whole page is 'black'.

6.	When you close a document Amaya seems to continue to hold it in
memory as 'open'. As, when you have completed a file, then close it in
Amaya, it will then come up with a error when moving the file and say it
is still being used.

7.	When CTRL h t is used, the title appears but there is no-input
focus to the text, meaning you have to click in it, delete what is there
and then type in new text. It would be better that it comes with the
text high-lighted so that you can just type in the new title.

8.	For us operation, we are using word substitutions (e.g.
{sub:obcPercentagePax100%} and find that due to the length of the words
the end of the table at the far end is also unable to be viewed in
Amaya. This is NOT a problem as soon as the substitutions are resolved.
Also, when there are large tables we have problems getting to look at
the end of the cells in the table. Can you add a margin to increase the
width of the paper so that the end of the table can be viewed? 

9.	In Microsoft Word they allow CTRL-Delete, which will delete the
WHOLE word to the right of the curser (caret). Are you able to implement
this in Amaya? It would be extremely useful, and makes deleting several
words much easier than a select delete using the mouse & keyboard.

Brilliant program.  Thanks for allow us to use it.  Hope you are able to
sort out the above issues in due course, especially item 2, which is
most annoying, as we end up with several style lines in the header by
the time we have finished and have to delete them.
Wishing you all the best.
Graham Hobson

Received on Monday, 3 April 2006 11:50:37 UTC