Re: Problem compiling 9.51

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 17:13, Regis Boudin wrote:
> PFJ said:
> >> Ok, now I think I have some ideas.
> >> My first guess would be that you use the small tarball (amaya-src).
> >
> > Correct.
> That explains failing bits, then. :)

Yes, as explained in  extra 
libraries (LibWWW + Mesa + Redland + wxWidgets + freetype) are not included 
in that tarball.

> >> > Is the wxWidgets version restricted to 2.4 or is it fine with 2.6?

The last version is distributed with 2.6.2 and includes some MacOS X and 
Windows patches.

> >> It's
> >>
> >> > about the only thing I can think of that may cause the problem.
> >>
> >> Well, the official tarball includes the full wxWidgets source, to build
> >> and link against it. If you're interested, I have a patch to use the
> >> system-provided one (wxWidgets 2.6 in my case seems to work fine)
> >> instead.
> >
> > If you wouldn't mind sending over the patch, I'd appreciate it.
> Sure. Overall, I attached 3 patches you might be interested in, to be
> applied in the following order :
> 1. enable-system-wx.diff
> 2. cascade_hbt.diff
> 3. enable_system_libwww.diff
> The second one applies the --host --build and --target when configuring
> redland, libwww,... to make them consistant. The third one does the same
> as enable-system-wx for the W3C libWWW.
> Using these patches, and running
> "./configure --with-gl --enable-system-redland --enable-system-wx
> --enable-system-libwww", I could build and run the binary using only the
> amaya-src tarball.
> Note that :
> -these patches have already been submitted here, but not accepted (nor
> refused).

We need time to test them on several platforms and to update our release 
process according to these changes.

> -the libWWW patch has not been used for the Debian binary package yet. But
> I've used it without problem so far.

Perhaps you ignore that the libww could be compiled with or without WebDAV 
option. Amaya must be compiled with the same options as libwww, because 
libwww internal structures and returned values differ with these options.
This is a general problem with the libwww use, and that explains why we prefer 
to generate our libwww version instead of using a pre-installed version.
Other changes seem okay, provided we can force local libraries on MacOS X and 
Windows, as they include specific important patches.

> I'm interested to see these patches more widely tested and validated so
> they could be included in the CVS and benefit to everyone. So, any
> feedback/correction is welcome.

My plan is to generate a snapshot as soon as the release process is updated.

> Regis

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