Re: AU SECOUR: Amaya 8.8.5 eats spaces in <p> text

Doctype: HTML 4.01
Amaya 8.8.5
Windows XP

I, too, have noticed that some white-space between text and words and inline elements are delete.

This behaviour only concerns documents with Doctype HTML 4.01, but not XHTML. 

Steps to reproduce:

(The first document that opens must be of Doctype HTML 4.01.)

1. Set Home page to
2. Close all instances of Amaya.
3. Launch Amaya.

One peculiarity is that if you then go to the Amaya Home page (XHTML), and then go back, the white-spaces are there.

Thomas Jedenfelt

If I had a more powerful mind, I'd post this message sooner. I was busy writing another limerick, which I've just finished. Here it is:

Oh Irène... hello, yoo-hoo.
I don't know what to do,
     When the browser went berserk
     And ruined my work,
But to call for help from you.

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Received on Wednesday, 19 April 2006 06:32:17 UTC