Bug report never acknowledged

On February 7th, I submitted a bug report on Amaya 8.8.4 titled "First line
of <ul> does not honor CSS line-height", including a pointer to a test page
which demonstrated the problem.

I have seen no acknowledgement of this report:

- No response has appeared in the Amaya mailing list.
- The problem reported is still present in Amaya 8.8.5.
- It has not been added to the list of open bugs, nor to the wishlist.
- It does not seem to be covered by any of the known Amaya restrictions to
CSS support.

I can only speculate on the possible reasons:

- The report was overlooked.
- I did something incredibly stupid and no one wants to embarass me by
pointing it out (an unnecessary concern; it would not be the first time I
have been thus embarrassed).
- It is not really a bug.  In this case I would expect a helpful pointer to
the governing specification.
- Correction of the bug is not considered strategic to the Amaya mission.
In this case a simple statement to that effect in the mailing list would be

This is one of several bug reports that have received no response.  I'm
trying to be helpful by reporting these bugs and I really want to know if
there is something I should be doing differently.

Could you advise me?

  Chris Beall

Received on Thursday, 20 April 2006 16:10:26 UTC