Re: Printing "Make book" generated doc to PDF

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 08:04, Larry Kahn wrote:
> I am a new user and used the "make book" feature on the included Amaya
> manual to generate a single printable document. The html file generated
> without a problem. I then went to the print menu and selected the Adobe
> Acrobat 6.0 printer driver. Here is what I noticed with the PDF file
> when generated from inside Amaya:
> 1.  The pages were generated with page numbering at the bottom.
> 2.  On some pages, the page numbers don't appear, but the text runs past
> the page bottom margin to the last line on a page.

This is due to a bug in the page break algorithm.
I'll fix it as soon as possible.

> If I open up the "make book" generated html file inside Firefox 1.5 and
> go through the same process, there are no problems i.e.:
> 1. There are no page numbers.
> 2. All pages have equal margins, including the bottom margin, with no
> text running past the bottom.
> I have gone through my Acrobat settings and can find no page numbering
> settings. I can only assume that something in the Amaya browser is doing
> this behind the scenes before printing to the PDF file, and that maybe
> (?) this is what is causing some of the bottom margins to be missing.
> Can anyone offer me any suggestions on this?

Perhaps new Firefox versions generate page numbers (mine do that).

> Larry Kahn

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