Re: Amaya doesn't work for ordinary users

/Josť Carlos Santos/:
> On 24-04-2006 15:49, Irene Vatton wrote:
>> Is there a special character in your $user_name?
> Not only there isn't (it's just "JC"), as I have no problem in another 
> machine in which there is a special character.

If you open a Command Prompt and type:


What output do you get?

>> Do you know that another existing directory instead of the default 
>> "$DRIVE:\Documents and Settings\$user_name\" can be selected.

The above path template is right for the actual behavior but the 
documentation <> still 
misleadingly point: "$HOMEDRIVE\$HOMEPATH\amaya". If it was as the 
later I wouldn't need to set AMAYA_USER_HOME.

>> You have to set the system environment variable AMAYA_USER_HOME for that.
> I opened a DOS windows and I did
> set AMAYA_USER_HOME = "C:\Documents and Settings\JC\"
> It didn't work.

Do not leave spaces around the variable name and the value, and 
don't use quotes:

set AMAYA_USER_HOME=C:\Documents and Settings\JC\Amaya

Note you should set a dedicated directory and not just your user 
profile directory as files and directories specific to the Amaya 
profile may interfere with other system account profile 
files/directories - you should make sure you have created the end 
directory first, too.

Generally you should set that variable from the System Properties 
(either accessible from the "System" Control Panel or through My 
Computer -> Properties context menu) "Advanced" page - Environment 
Variables. This way the setting will be in effect for every process.


Received on Monday, 24 April 2006 18:23:54 UTC