making mrow elements


MathML wants you to make grouping of terms explicit by using mrow elements.  
For example, ab + c should be written like this:

    <math xmlns="">

However, it's currently very inconvenient to write this sort of MathML code 
using Amaya.

A keyboard shortcut for creating mrow elements without paranthesis would 
already be a great help.  In the longer term, it might be good to think about 
automate the creation of mrows a bit.  For example, the term between 
paranthesis always has to be in an mrow if it's not just atomic (like an 
identifier, for example).  Amaya could create such mrow elements 

I'd be happy, if these basic ideas would find a way into Amaya.  I can also 
think about this in more detail and engage in a discussion about this if I 
have time.

Best wishes,

Received on Friday, 23 June 2006 14:47:52 UTC