Re: Using Makebook to generate Amaya User Manual

On Friday 02 June 2006 18:13, Margaret Votava wrote:
> Hi,
> I am brand new to amaya (and am therefore sure that my question
> is stupid, but I couldn't find it in the FAQ or archives). I apologize
> in advance.
> I am trying to follow the basic instructions in the amaya help section
> to make a book from the user manual itself.
> It doesn't quite manage to encapsulate all the pages correctly. If
> I look at a generated postscript file, many pages appear to be
> ok, but several section scroll off the bottom of the page and much
> of the information is lost (eg, the section on "Selecting", "Creating
> new documents", "Editing attributes", etc). The resultant .ps file
> is 35 pages, but the user manual PDF file on the web is 54, so it
> looks like 1/3 of the document may be lost.

Hum, we'll have a look at that print problem as soon as possible.
I hope this bug will be fixed in next release.

> Is this just a bug in the amaya user manual itself, or is there something
> inherently wrong with makebook? I care because we are
> evaulating amaya as our document authoring tool and we need
> them to be printable.
> Thank you kindly,
> Margaret

Thanks for the report.
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