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presentation of select control

From: <ve3ll@rac.ca>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 11:04:47 -0400
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-ID: <44631A4F.8143.3B5201@ve3ll.rac.ca>

Amaya uses a drop down box to display a select element.
The vast majority of browsers (i cant think of one that does
it in the Amaya manner) use a scrolled list box. 
Although the spec has been written in lawyer speak
(read that as weasel words) by w3.org, it would make it
easier for authors if Amaya implemented select as a scroll box.
That way the display area occupied by the box would be 
similar to the look in other browsers, helping in the visual
layout of other material arround it.
Obviously the first criteria of Amaya is to author documents
that conform to the recommendations of w3.org [excellant implementation]
The next criteria is to offer all styling and attribute capabilities
in an easy to understand and use way [well done but not perfect]
But high up on the list should be to present a visual representation
that is similar to that presented by most browsers.   
In this respect Amaya needs a few improvements .... 
Implementing the select element as a list box rather than a dropdown
will improve the authoring system for those of us who use it to 
design web pages with form stuff.... -- 
John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
Received on Thursday, 11 May 2006 15:04:56 UTC

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