preformatted text not handled properly


the document on

is a DocBook document which uses some cool CSS stylesheet for DocBook.  
However, when displayed in Amaya, one can see that Amaya doesn't seem to 
handle preformatted text as such.  The document is correctly displayed in 
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4.

By the way, thanks that insertion of fixed text by CSS stylesheets now works 
in Amaya.  (For example, notes in the above document are correctly displayed 
with a leading “Note:”.)  This and the above-mention stylesheet bring me 
closer to my goal of editing DocBook documents with embedded MathML with 
Amaya.  Even if there are still a lot of problems with this approach, Amaya 
seems to me the most promising free software tool for DocBook/MathML editing 
at the moment. :-)

Best wishes,

Received on Wednesday, 21 June 2006 21:43:54 UTC