Re: Bug-report: Impossible to enter some accented characters into amaya 9.51, WinXP

On Friday 16 June 2006 12:05, wrote:
> Hello,
> once again it's impossible to enter some accented characters from latin2
> into the text area of Amaya under Windows XP. This time, only characters
> with caron (e,s,c,r,z,n,t) and u with a ring above it (see
> for details on these
> characters).
> If I either press a key with such a character or try to compose it (e.g.
> caron key + r), nothing is inserted (e.g. when trying to edit the startup
> page of Amaya 'Bienvenu a Am. 9.5'). On the other hand, it's perfectly
> possible to type these characters into the address bar, copy them and paste
> them into the page, so there isn't any problem with fonts.
> There's perhaps a change to amaya's config files that I must do to enable
> support for input in my language?
> Thanks! /Jakub Holy

This problem is now fixed in the CVS version.
The patch will be integrated in the next public version (mid September).
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