Re: Amaya doesn't work for ordinary users

/Josť Carlos Santos/:
> On 24-04-2006 19:23, Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
>> If you open a Command Prompt and type:
>> echo %USERNAME%
>> What output do you get?
> I get
>    jcsantos
> and
>    C:\Documents and Settings\JC
> respectively.

That seems why Amaya doesn't start by default, because the default 
Amaya profile directory:

%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\amaya

would expand to:

C:\Documents and Settings\jcsantos\amaya

where "C:\Documents and Settings\jcsantos" doesn't really exists, I 

>> set AMAYA_USER_HOME=C:\Documents and Settings\JC\Amaya
> I created a directory called Amaya and I still have the same problem.

I'm not clear how you set the AMAYA_USER_HOME and then try to start 
Amaya - do you open a Command Prompt to issue the above SET command 
and then start Amaya from the shortcut created by the installer? If 
it is like that, it won't start as the AMAYA_USER_HOME setting won't 
be in effect for the environment where Amaya is started from the 


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