On Monday 03 April 2006 13:50, Graham Hobson wrote:
>  Dear Sirs,
> We have just started to use Amaya (Windows XP Pro - Service Pack 2) and
> I have encountered some 'minor' difficulties with the program, and
> thought that you might like to know...
> 1. When you click on the Amaya button on the task bar, it will
> maximise the window, but a similar click will not minimise it to the
> task bar.

I don't know why you have this problem.
It works on all Windows boxes I tested.

> 2. When you change a meta tag, it appears to lose the CSS Style
> sheet associated with the page; meaning that we have to 're-link' the
> CSS style to the page.

Do you made a change in the source view or in the structure view.
If it's within the source view, it could be due to a parsing error.
The next 9.5 version is imporved to avoid this kind of problem.

> 3. When the home page is set to look in a particular directory &
> file, if you DO NOT change the directory the file simply loads as a
> blank, rather than containing the blank template details that have been
> saved in this file.

This is fixed now.

> 4. When right clicking with the mouse keys on the file we wish to
> open, then using open with... <select Amaya as the program to use>, the
> file will open 'blank' even if there is text within the file.

There not contextual menu yet. The request is in our wish list.

> 5. If you set html files to open with Amaya, and then double click
> on the file.  Whilst Amaya opens, the whole page is 'black'.

I guess it's a problem with 

> 6. When you close a document Amaya seems to continue to hold it in
> memory as 'open'. As, when you have completed a file, then close it in
> Amaya, it will then come up with a error when moving the file and say it
> is still being used.

I'm not able to reporduce this error.
It seems a problem with your driver configuration or version.
> 7. When CTRL h t is used, the title appears but there is no-input
> focus to the text, meaning you have to click in it, delete what is there
> and then type in new text. It would be better that it comes with the
> text high-lighted so that you can just type in the new title.

In Amaya CTRL h opens a shortcut sequence (see XHTML menu) and display 

> 8. For us operation, we are using word substitutions (e.g.
> {sub:obcPercentagePax100%} and find that due to the length of the words
> the end of the table at the far end is also unable to be viewed in
> Amaya. This is NOT a problem as soon as the substitutions are resolved.
> Also, when there are large tables we have problems getting to look at
> the end of the cells in the table. Can you add a margin to increase the
> width of the paper so that the end of the table can be viewed?

Will have a look at that problem.

> 9. In Microsoft Word they allow CTRL-Delete, which will delete the
> WHOLE word to the right of the curser (caret). Are you able to implement
> this in Amaya? It would be extremely useful, and makes deleting several
> words much easier than a select delete using the mouse & keyboard.

I add this request in our wish list.

> Brilliant program.  Thanks for allow us to use it.  Hope you are able to
> sort out the above issues in due course, especially item 2, which is
> most annoying, as we end up with several style lines in the header by
> the time we have finished and have to delete them.
> Wishing you all the best.
> Graham Hobson

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