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On Friday 19 May 2006 12:27, Corne Beerse wrote:
> Hello,
> As a fan of Amaya, I found my way ot use it trough the company-provided
> frontpage, I added it as alternate editor for html pages. I can
> right-click html-pages and select amaya which opens amaya with the page
> and off I go: add section numbering, generate a table of contents,
> change to proper formatting of code and many more tiny things.
> Then some other bloke started to use asp and hence I now have to edit
> asp pages. I also added amaya as alternate *.asp editor but no luck,
> amaya does not accept asp pages at all. I solve this now by altering the
> extention between asp and html.
> After editing asp pages with amaya and restoring the asp extention, the
> server gets in trouble. Some investigation teaches me that Amaya has
> altered the asp code. From a HTML point of view, this asp code is
> comment, hence amaya should leave it as it is. Unfortunatly, amaya
> reformats this 'comment' and hence the asp code gets mingled.
> My questions:
> Can amaya be updated to accept strange extentions as being html, xml or
> such?

No problem to add .asp as a standard html extension.
Do you need to propose this suffix in the Install process?

> Can amaya be altered not to change the formatting of comment? Either not
> at all or in combination with the previons update?

As I know the content of the comment should not be changed in last Amaya 
versions. What kind of changes did you detect?
An example should be helpful.

> Thanks for the great tool.
> Corné Beerse

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