Re: preformatted text not handled properly

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 23:43, Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> Hello,
> the document on
> is a DocBook document which uses some cool CSS stylesheet for DocBook.
> However, when displayed in Amaya, one can see that Amaya doesn't seem to
> handle preformatted text as such.  The document is correctly displayed in
> Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4.

It would be managed correctly if XML elements have a XML attribute 
The preserve constraint concerns the document contents (spaces should be still 
preserved when the document is saved after an edit).
CSS concerns only its current presentation.

> By the way, thanks that insertion of fixed text by CSS stylesheets now
> works in Amaya.  (For example, notes in the above document are correctly
> displayed with a leading “Note:”.)  This and the above-mention stylesheet
> bring me closer to my goal of editing DocBook documents with embedded
> MathML with Amaya.  Even if there are still a lot of problems with this
> approach, Amaya seems to me the most promising free software tool for
> DocBook/MathML editing at the moment. :-)
> Best wishes,
> Wolfgang

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