Re: asp directives

One way to solve this would be to run a script before and
after editing, i.e.
example.asp --script1--> example.html(editing with Amaya)
                                     --script2--> example.asp

Both scripts would change the extension, and script1 would
change asp stuff (<%...%> and maybe others, I'm no expert
in asp) to some form that Amaya leaves alone. This would
have to be thought through a bit, e.g. if you convert to
a comment, you want to make sure you can distinguish comments
that originally were asp and other (plain old) comments.
Also, if this turns out to still be necessary, you may want
to add linebreaks at well-defined intervals, and mark them
so that you can remove them when you go back.

Regards,    Martin.

At 20:00 06/05/23, wrote:
 >asp directives begin with <% and end with %>
 >they are not well formed elements so that is why the removal.
 >perhaps you can recognize them as a comment and just leave
 >them alone but as they don't close, they cant be treated like an

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