Saving back what one edited -- Re: [Announce] Amaya 9.5

I note there is a fix for one of the bugs I just sent in (text lost  
when ESC pressed) Thanks - that was fast ;-)

The notes say a feature is

"A Save command that would write on a server a file NOT ending in  
either .htm or .html turns into a Save As..."

Does that mean that we have given up the possibility to have the  
Etags etc work out exactly what one is actually editing and PUT back  
the right thing?   I seem to remember the goal was to follow a link to
and edit it (even though the file behind it is bar.html) and save it  
back with the
result that bar.html will be updated. Are we giving up that  
functionality?  Or maybe we never had it.


On Apr 12, 2006, at 9:08, Irene Vatton wrote:

> The Amaya team is pround to announce Amaya 9.5
> (Amaya 8.8.5 is also available for Debian, Fedora, and Windows  
> platforms)
> Binaries distributions are available at:
> Sources distributions are available at:
> This release provides several bug fixes and some new features:
>  o A new transform rule allows one to "Remove paragraph level"
>  o A new function Copy location (Ctrl l c)
>  o A new function Add/Remove IDs
>  o More feedback
>  o Creation of directories when a file is saved locally
>  o The support of the CSS pseudo-class first-child selectors
> For more details see:
>      Irène.
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