Degraded hardware OpenGL performance under Windows

I've noticed much degraded hardware OpenGL performance under Windows 
XP starting just with the changes in Amaya 9.2 addressing some 
issues causing garbage display when using hardware accelerated 
OpenGL. If I set 'GL_ACCELERATED=yes' in "thot.rc" the animation on 
the startup "AmayaPage_WX.html" page is really choppy and working 
with the application is somewhat slower (the UI is less responsive). 
If I've set 'GL_ACCELERATED=no' (the default) the animation is just 
smooth. This is the opposite I had got previously, using the 
hardware accelerated OpenGL I had much better performance.

How does the hardware vs. software OpenGL performance compare on 
other systems?


Received on Monday, 1 May 2006 07:59:47 UTC