Re: Bugs: Selection management

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 18:31, Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
> Editing minutes today with Mac OSX Amaya 9.4, I found the following:
> 1. When an area of text is highlighted (I think it may have been just
> after a para star and contained a link) pressing delete would delete
> the character before the highlight, not the highlight itself.
> Pressing it many times deleted several characters before the selection.

Do you speak about Delete or Backspace?
On Mac PowerBook the Delete key is equivalent to Fn + Backspace.
In any case, as I know Amaya does the right thing: when there is a selection 
Delete or Backspace should delete the current selection. Then pressing 
Backspace, it deletes previous characters or pressing Fn + Backspace it 
deletes following characters.

> 2. When an area of text is highlighted, pressing space correctly
> replaced the selection with the space, but pressing return unselects
> the selection leaving the cursor at the beginning of where it was,
> and inserts the new paragraph break there.

The Return key is associated to a structure editing function. It doesn't 
introduce a paragraph break, it splits the text, creates a new paragraph and 
move the second part of the text in the new created paragraph.
As you mention, the selected text should be deleted.
I add it in our bug list.

> 3. Start with the cursor in an empty para between two paragraphs.
> Type some text for a heading. Press ESC once to select it all.  Press
> Apple/3 to make it into a third level heading. The H3 is made but the
> text has been deleted. Repeatable, but very similar moves work ok.

I made the test in Amaya 9.5 and the text is correctly moved into the H3.
If you are stil able to reproduce the bug, could you send me a document that 
shows the bug.

> 4. When styling a word, or applying emphasis, the whole document
> disappears, is displayed scrolled to the top, and the reappears back
> in the right place.  This is very distracting, as the eye has to
> recover its place on the page.

We'll try to fix it.

> 5. Good news: Amaya didn't crash at all during many edits and cut and
> pastes and many saves. Bad news: Not until I opened a style sheet in
> a tab and then realized it was the wrong one and selected "Close
> Tab".  Stack dump appended to this message.

I'll check to reproduce this bug.

Thanks for your feedback
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