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On Thursday 11 May 2006 17:19, wrote:
> Amaya is able to add a textarea control easily
> It predefines the row and column attributes.
> However it doesn't respect the action of the
> row attribute which html4.01 spec says
> rows = number [CN]
>     This attribute specifies the number of visible text lines. Users should
> be able to enter more lines than this, so user agents should provide some
> means to scroll through the contents of the control when the contents
> extend beyond the visible area.
> Amaya allows more rows to be added but simply extends the display
> area instead of providing a scrolling mechanism....
> Once again lawyerez (weasel words) say should instead of must  but to
> make the system easier to use and test by authors, implementation
> should be as close as possible to the 'norm' that convention has
> established.--

We don't plan to generate scrolled list in the editing view.
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