Re: Amaya 8.8.51 Bug: Inserting an image in <DD> does not always work.

Hello Thomas,

Thomas Jedenfelt wrote:

>Amaya 8.8.51
>Windows XP
>When inserting an image within a Definition Detail (<dd>), the image dialogue box will not always appear.
>(It concerns inserting both by way of the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+h+i) and the Menu.)
>Steps to reproduce:
>  1. Create a new document.
>  2. Insert a Definition List (DL).
>  3. Enter a text string for DT.
>  4. Insert a DD, and then try to insert an image.
Indeed, it happens when we try to insert an image immediately after 
having created the <dd>.
The following structure (block \ dd \ dl \ body \ html) is displayed in 
the status bar when a <dd> is created, I guess Amaya creates a temporary 
element <block> replaced by a element <Text> as soon as a character is 
typed, and that element <block> doesn't accept an element <img>.

>A work-around is to Reload the document. Then the image dialogue box will appear.
Another work-around is to enter and remove a character in the <dd> 
before to insert an image.

>Thomas Jedenfelt
Thanks for the report.

Laurent Carcone

>Thanks for fixing the "white-space" issue in the new version (8.8.51).

Received on Thursday, 25 May 2006 09:51:14 UTC