Using Makebook to generate Amaya User Manual


I am brand new to amaya (and am therefore sure that my question
is stupid, but I couldn't find it in the FAQ or archives). I apologize
in advance.

I am trying to follow the basic instructions in the amaya help section
to make a book from the user manual itself.
It doesn't quite manage to encapsulate all the pages correctly. If
I look at a generated postscript file, many pages appear to be
ok, but several section scroll off the bottom of the page and much
of the information is lost (eg, the section on "Selecting", "Creating
new documents", "Editing attributes", etc). The resultant .ps file
is 35 pages, but the user manual PDF file on the web is 54, so it
looks like 1/3 of the document may be lost.

Is this just a bug in the amaya user manual itself, or is there something
inherently wrong with makebook? I care because we are
evaulating amaya as our document authoring tool and we need
them to be printable.

Thank you kindly,

Received on Friday, 2 June 2006 16:15:38 UTC