Help Menu errors

Let me say first how much I like Amaya. It is the tool I recommend to 
all people who need to edit or create HTML files. But I have noted a 
number of discrepancies between version 9.51 and the help menus:

Views.html at the end says that clicking on the red button (?line) at 
the bottom of the document closes a view. This does not work in my 
Windows version.

Document.html says you can "detach" a document from a Template. I think 
you mean "create". In my version, however, File New does not offer a 
 From template choice.

EditChar.html seems incomplete. See particularly the table (which is in 
French). The instructions seem not to make sense.

SVG: a small point: the last line should add "the" before Amaya 
development team.

Keep up the good work
peter hulm

Received on Wednesday, 3 May 2006 07:15:06 UTC