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Doc Sprint Observers - you know who you are Scott Rowe (Wednesday, 27 February)

Please Review: Draft Blog Post for Pointer Events Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 26 February)

CSS Data Types Eliot Graff (Monday, 25 February)

Help to translate Gilson Leite Siqueira Junior (Friday, 22 February)

Complex Return Type Information PhistucK (Saturday, 23 February)

Call today? Scott Rowe (Friday, 22 February)

Seeking doc sprint stories Janet Swisher (Wednesday, 20 February)

More docs for Pointer Events Erika Doyle Navara (Wednesday, 20 February)

Adding a Table of Contents Rob Dolin (MS OPEN TECH) (Monday, 18 February)

Project Management update. Jonathan Garbee (Sunday, 17 February)

Initial Outreach & Communications Task Force volunteers Julee (Friday, 15 February)

Recap of Web Platform Doc Sprint Berlin Andre Jay Meissner (Friday, 15 February)

Recommendation for where to post Pointer Events primer Rob Dolin (MS OPEN TECH) (Thursday, 14 February)

Web Platform community meeting Friday 17:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00 PT Julee (Friday, 15 February)

Call for participation: Communications & Outreach working group Julee (Friday, 15 February)

Call for participation: analytics working group Julee (Friday, 15 February)

How should we represent the status of a spec? Julee (Friday, 15 February)

Queries in Getting Started workflows Scott Rowe (Thursday, 14 February)

Feedback from Berlin doc sprint Chris Mills (Thursday, 14 February)

A categorization/placing problem - event/property pages Chris Mills (Wednesday, 13 February)

WPDS Berlin Survey Scott Rowe (Wednesday, 13 February)

API progress David Gash (Tuesday, 12 February)

HTML: The Markup Language Robin Berjon (Monday, 11 February)

WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 Janet Swisher (Monday, 11 February)

Intro to WPD Scott Rowe (Friday, 8 February)

Do we want to meet today? Julee (Friday, 8 February)

Re: XHR API Scott Rowe (Thursday, 7 February)

Contributing to the XHR section? Monsur Hossain (Thursday, 7 February)

draft blog post Chris Mills (Wednesday, 6 February)

Editor's pages consolidated (Bug #20160) Julee (Tuesday, 5 February)

WPD Proposal for OSCON? Doug Schepers (Monday, 4 February)

WPD Presentation at W3Conf Doug Schepers (Sunday, 3 February)

Improved Page Title Deployed Doug Schepers (Friday, 1 February) Shortlinks - now configurable via repository David Kirstein (Friday, 1 February)

RE: APIs Page Eliot Graff (Friday, 1 February)

Re: Web Platform doc sprint 2013-02-23 at Adobe (browser compatibility update) Doug May (Friday, 1 February)

Web Platform doc sprint 2/23 at Adobe (browser compatibility update) Doug May (Thursday, 31 January)

Web Platform community meeting Friday 17:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00 PT Julee (Friday, 1 February)

Re: "Session bug" (#19914) is back: add other errors when you find them. Julee (Friday, 1 February)

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