Web Platform doc sprint 2/23 at Adobe (browser compatibility update)

Hi, folks.  Peter Lubbers suggested that I contact you to track down
the status of the browser compatibility grid, and how that's being
moved forward.

Here's the conversation I started with him:

At the last SF doc sprint I made it to (the first?), I spent my time
upgrading the instructions for how to document feature support by
browser version (pulling the details from other resources on the web).
 I've been contemplating that effort since then, and had some ideas
for how to accelerate the process.

I have a couple of quick questions that I thought someone might be
able to answer offhand:

1. Were the updated procs ever put into production?  (I'm mostly
curious, but hopefully someone took them and ran with them; my goal
was to establish that as the default starter exercise for new
participants in the project)

2.  How complete are the current compatibility grids?  Are we done (or
nearly so)?  Do we have an easy way to answer that question?

If we aren't already done (or on track to be done soon), I'd like to
explore building a web app (using Ruby on Rails) to partially automate
the process (both scraping the other site, and
tracking basic human validation of the results).  I figure I have
three weeks to get ready, so let me know if we can chat about all

I'm also thinking of a structure that would enhance both collaboration
(coordinated mass participation) and overall management of the doc
project, either tying it to the existing lexical tree, or making the
creation of such a reusable structure one of the next goals.

I think this could be a fun exercise, as well as providing an
opportunity for me to apply some of my collaboration principles to a
worthy and open endeavor.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Doug May
Collaboration Architect
The Intuitive Edge

Received on Friday, 1 February 2013 11:23:03 UTC