WPDS Berlin Survey

Hi all,

The results are in, and the impressions you've already heard from attendees
of the Berlin Doc Sprint - resoundingly positive - are corroborated in the
first ever WPDS Berlin

Okay, but mea culpa: I committed a procedural error in developing this
survey such that when it came time to share the results, I couldn't do it
without running everyone through Google+. Even then, I'm not sure you could
see the results, probably just the survey form.

[Commence snide remarks about Google Docs and related apps, now. I'll wait.]

But no, 'twas operator error, between the seat and the keyboard, not
Google's fault. So rather than run you through the Google Gauntlet, I've
opted to reproduce the results as images in the full report page cited

Next time I'll either use the tools right or use different tools.

If you have any questions about the survey results or methodology, please
don't hesitate to ask.


Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 01:41:04 UTC